Eco-friendly amenities

RESPECT for marine life

We exclusively provide biodegradable toiletries for our valued guests.

Eco-friendly amenities

At the heart of our philosophy lies a deep commitment to ecological sustainability and the utmost respect for marine life.  In line with our eco-conscious principles, we exclusively provide biodegradable toiletries for our valued guests.  Our specially formulated shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion have been carefully created to minimize their environmental impact.  Additionally, we offer guests our premium, easily absorbing reef-safe sunscreen, ensuring your protection from harmful UV rays.

A significant portion of the  in-room amenities and outdoor tableware selections are thoughtfully sourced from Sonite Decor, a company that seamlessly blends their environmental stewardship with a passion for innovation and design, resulting in impressive eco-luxury packaging creations.  Our tissue boxes, trays, cups, toiletry containers, snack plates and bowls are skillfully crafted from discarded rice husks and coconut fibers gleaned from discarded shells.  These exquisite, eco-friendly items are not only functional but also contribute to the reduction of agricultural waste, embodying both beauty and sustainability.

RESPECT for marine life

Our specially formulated REEF FREE sunscreen was carefully created to minimize their environmental impact.

It is easily absorbing, contains no fragrance, no paraben, no SLS, and no synthetic color while ensuring UV protection.



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