From October to May, our base of operations is in the captivating locale of Phuket, offering two enticing route options: North Andaman and South Andaman.

The North Andaman route promises to immerse you in breathtaking underwater landscapes, with crystal clear waters embracing Similan Island, Bon Island, Tachai Island, and remarkable underwater rock formation known as Richilieu.

The South Andaman route will lead us to the southernmost point of Thailand of Lipe Island and the renowned 8-mile marker. Here, you'll encounter the legendary underwater rock formations of Hin Muang and Hin Daeng, adorned with exquisite soft corals and the possibility of thrilling encounters with majestic marine giants like whale sharks and manta rays. Be prepared for awe-inspiring silhouette photos against the backdrop of Haa Island's captivating underwater caves.